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The Top Ten Tees of 2011!

Get it on your chest!

Was this the year that the t-shirt became the ultimate expression of geek cred? We've seen the rise of the costume tee, everything from Who to Star Wars to Ghostbusters, and we've watched as the trusty Haynes' Manual took on a whole new form of expression.

Below are our fave ten t-shirts - what do you reckon?

[Doctor Who: T-Shirt: UNIT]

3. Doctor Who: T-Shirt: UNIT

As shown in recent series, The Doctor can get a job wherever he wants, so why did he stick with UNIT for so long? Because UNIT, like bowties, are cool. They're an army of no nonsense alien fighters, led by The Brigadier and advised by The Doctor, they have bases in Mount Snowdon and on the Moon and they don't seem to fit into any conventional dating system.

If you're going to represent a fictional branch of the military, make it this one!

[Marvel: T-Shirts: Steve Rogers Super Soldier Costume]

2. Marvel: T-Shirts: Steve Rogers Super Soldier Costume

Sadly not the Amalgam universe combination of Captain America and Superman, but the identity taken by Steve Rogers upon his return from the dead - Super Soldier is leader of the Secret Avengers and an all around badass! One of the best looking superhero costumes in recent years is now one of our favourite t-shirts of the year!

[Doctor Who: T-Shirts: Keep Calm I'm The Doctor]

1. Doctor Who: T-Shirts: Keep Calm I'm The Doctor

Someday people will get bored of the whole 'Keep Calm' meme, but not yet! Simple, classy and elegant - this t-shirt relays an important piece of advice while maintaining a classic design. Totally love the little TARDIS at the top.