Statue Selection

Save money with this one-week-only bargains on a selection of super statues.

Order now - when they're gone they're gone!

All offers must end on Tuesday 6th July.

All prices apply to on line sales only. Not available in stores.

[Kaneda's Bike Replica]

Akira: Kaneda's Bike Replica

Down to £399.99 - retail price £619.99.

[Lifesize Bust]

Alien: Lifesize Bust

Save £300.00! Reduced to £899.99.

[Colonial Marine M41A Pulse Rifle Replica]

Aliens: Colonial Marine M41A Pulse Rifle Replica

Down to £749.99 - normal retail price is £1,000.00


Avatar: Maquette: AMP Suit (SLIGHTLY DAMAGED BOX)

For one week only at £849.99!

[Maquette: Iron Man Mark VI]

Iron Man 2: Maquette: Iron Man Mark VI

Special Price £399.99.

[Half Scale Maquette: Iron Man Mark III]

Iron Man: Half Scale Maquette: Iron Man Mark III

Half scale figure now only £1,399.99.

[Premium Format Figure: Sabretooth]

Marvel: Premium Format Figure: Sabretooth

Fantastic one week only price of £229.99.

[Premium Format Figure: Wolverine]

Marvel: Premium Format Figure: Wolverine

Now just £249.99. Was £349.99.

[Real Action Heroes: Solid Snake Tiger Stripe Camo]

Metal Gear Solid: Real Action Heroes: Solid Snake Tiger Stripe Camo

Get Snake for only £169.99.

[Puppet Replica: Rizzo The Rat]

The Muppets: Puppet Replica: Rizzo The Rat

Grab Rizzo for £329.99 !

[Life Sized Bust: Darth Vader]

Star Wars: Life Sized Bust: Darth Vader

Now at £849.99 until 6th July. Reduced from shop price of £1,200.00

[Life Sized Bust: Gamorrean Guard]

Star Wars: Life Sized Bust: Gamorrean Guard

Now just £449.99.

[Clone Wars: Ahsoka Tano Maquette]

Star Wars: Clone Wars: Ahsoka Tano Maquette

Down to £49.99.

[Salvation: Lifesize Bust: T-600]

Terminator 4: Salvation: Lifesize Bust: T-600

Life size bust only £549.99. Retail price £850.00.