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More Star Wars Things We're Looking Forward To

[Star Wars: Top Trumps: Death Star Collectors Tin]

Star Wars: Top Trumps: Death Star Collectors Tin

Not only does this set contain exclusive cards, but it comes in a cool Death Star case. So not only will you be able to impress your friends with your mad Top Trumps skillz, but you can then threaten to destroy their planet if they beat you. Not that they will.

[Star Wars: Cookie Jar: R2-D2]

Star Wars: Cookie Jar: R2-D2

There is a rumour about a deleted scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Luke is nursed back to health after his misadventure on Hoth by a batch of cookies hidden within R2-D2. This scene was cut from the theatrical release but may appear on the 3D HD Director's Cut Special Edition Blu-Ray.