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Jonathan Ross & Tommy Lee Edwards launch the 'Turf' hardcover

Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards lauch the Harcover of 'Turf' - and give exclusive news on their forthcoming projects.

[Turf (Hardcover - Variant Signed Edition)]

Turf (Hardcover - Variant Signed Edition)

Signed copies available now. Only £19.99.

[Turf (Hardcover: Signed Edition)]

Turf (Hardcover: Signed Edition)

Signed copies in stock.

[The BLVD Studios Storybook 1.0 (Signed SDCC 2011 Edition)]

The BLVD Studios Storybook 1.0 (Signed SDCC 2011 Edition)

Signed by Jonathan Ross, Tommy Lee Edwards, Bernard Chang, John Paul Leon, Sean Chen and Trevor Goring.