Hello Dudebox!

Welcome to the world of Dudebox!

Check out this wonderful new universe of vinyl creations featuring the work of Hicks, Mark Gmehling, Travis Price, Chauskoskis, Jonny Wan, Junichi Tsuneoka. Andreas Krapf, Conzo, Attaboy and more.

All now in stock at Forbidden Planet so come take a look...

[Mo Money Bunny]

Dudebox: Mo Money Bunny

A Big Dude version of Mark Gmehling’s amazing art as featured in The Big Bang collection of mini dudes.

We love how this is big, bold and perfectly executed. Both the figure and the box are stand out pieces!


Dudebox: Neesh

We are proud to present the immaculate work of UK artist extraordinaire Hicks.

Neesh is a cute little fixer-bot who travels the world repairing broken hearts and broken windows. Immaculately presented in a beautifully artworked box.

[King Crackal]

Dudebox: King Crackal

We teamed up with UK illustrator Jonny Wan to bring his asian influence to our Scratch platform.

This is an alternative colourway to Jonny’s design that features in our “The Super Amazing Spectacular Collection” mini Dude series.

[Big Bang Mini Figure Collection]

Dudebox: Big Bang Mini Figure Collection

We launch with a bang!

The Big Bang beckons the dawn of creation in the Dudebox Universe. 10 brilliant designs by artists from around the World.

Wondrous mini figures from Sebastien Pie, Mark Gmehling, 2Much, Grapheart, Drunk Park, Andreas Krapf, Bunka, Dust, Travis Price and Attaboy.

[Super Amazing Spectacular Mini Figure Collection]

Dudebox: Super Amazing Spectacular Mini Figure Collection

The name of this collection describes exactly what is in the boxes. Super, amazing and spectacular designs!

Wondrous mini figures from The Yok, Travis Price, Junichi Tsuneoka, Jonny Wan, Mark Gmehling, Drunk Park, Suki Bamboo, Attaboy, Chauskoskis and Andreas Krapf.

[Nom Nom & Pinky]

Dudebox: Nom Nom & Pinky

Meet Nom Nom and his insatiable appetite for all things delicious... including his friend Pinky.

Andreas Krapf brings his sweet and drippy world to life in this simply brilliant use of our Scratch platform.

[DIY Figure]

Dudebox: DIY Figure

The Dude for customising!

A big blank chunk of raw vinyl is the PERFECT shape to doodle on, paint on and stick things to.

Packaged in a stylish black and white box decorated with a spot UV pattern.