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Get Your Own Portal Device

These life sized, 1:1 scale replicas of P-Body's and Atlas' Handheld Portal Devices will make you feel like you're really in the testing facility!

Set the switch to the type of portal you'd like and pull the trigger! The bright LEDs will light up and the firing sound will play. The Portal Devices fit comfortably in one hand, freeing you up for sweet dance moves and high-five-ing your partner. Awesome.


• Racing stripes on the shell

• LED lights

• Unique sounds that correspond to each colour

• 3 way switch

• Pull the trigger to activate the sound FX

• Extendable & posable claws

• Weighted so it does not roll or require a stand to sit on a flat surface

• Limited to 5000 pieces each worldwide

Dimensions: 8.5" wide (back shell), 30" long (longer with claws fully extended) Batteries: Requres 3 x C batteries (not included)

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