Doctor Who: Best Goodies Of 2011

It's certainly been an exciting year for our favourite Gallifreyan; he's died, got married, gone to war, hypnotised the entire human race into mercilessly killing an entire race of aliens, accidently saved Hitler's life, met some space pirates, and even grew a beard - twice! But things have been equally exciting off screen in the world of Doctor Who merch! We've seen some really cool stuff this year, from customisable sonic screwdrivers, to psychic cubes, to the return of Omega and his glittery gown!

Looking back over the year, this is our choice of the 25 best Doctor Who toys, books, games, statues and everything of 2011.

What do you think? Should some things be higher on the list? Did we miss anything out? What was your favourite Doctor Who item this year? And what do you want to see next year?

[Framed Print: Exploding TARDIS]

24. Doctor Who: Framed Print: Exploding TARDIS

As soon as this painting appeared, you knew you wanted it!

'The Pandorica Opens' by Vincent Van Gogh - probably one of the most bizarre paintings by the artist. If you look closely, there appears to a date written on the object in the center of the compostion. I wonder what that means...

[Mug: Keep Calm And Don't Blink]

23. Doctor Who: Mug: Keep Calm And Don't Blink

You never know when a Weeping Angel might strike, they could even get you during a tea break! Combing classic design with important advice, this mug is an intergral piece of any Weeping Angel defense kit.

[Bump & Go Cybermat]

22. Doctor Who: Bump & Go Cybermat

Even characters on the show were asking where they could buy a cybermat!

Both cute and creepy at the same time, these tiny cyborgs will hunt, patrol and even change direction when they bump into something. Now all you need is a department store to set it loose in!

[Framed Print: Keep Calm I'm The Doctor]

21. Doctor Who: Framed Print: Keep Calm I'm The Doctor

Would you keep calm if you were with the Doctor? I probably wouldn't, but that doesn't stop this print from being really very cool. The TARDIS at the top is a lovely touch.

[T-Shirts: Keep Calm I'm The Doctor]

20. Doctor Who: T-Shirts: Keep Calm I'm The Doctor

Now the slogan is on a t-shirt!

[2011 Wave 2 Action Figures: Doctor With Beard]

19. Doctor Who: 2011 Wave 2 Action Figures: Doctor With Beard

It's the Doctor - with a beard. What more needs to be said!

[The Dalek Handbook (Hardcover)]

18. Doctor Who: The Dalek Handbook (Hardcover)

There's a reason the Daleks have been the number one Doctor Who enemy for nearly half a century! This book has everything you need to know about the mutated Kaleds, from behind the scenes looks at their design, to their monumental rise to power as the universe's greatest threat!

[Masterpiece Collection Maxi Bust: 11th Doctor]

17. Doctor Who: Masterpiece Collection Maxi Bust: 11th Doctor

Featuring the 11th Doctor in a classic pose, these busts are incredibly detailed and beautifully painted. It's almost like having the Doctor in the room with you (or at least two thirds of a minature version of the Doctor).

[Action Figure Set: Enemies Of The 3rd Doctor]

16. Doctor Who: Action Figure Set: Enemies Of The 3rd Doctor

Arguably one of the coolest sets ever! Featuring an imposing Omega in a glittery robe, a frankly terrifying Auton (they're evil shop mannequins that shoot random people on the street! Scarier than the Daleks) and a Drashig that can be used as a hand puppet!

I want one, but I'm genuinely scared of Autons.

[Action Figures: River Song Pandorica Chair]

15. Doctor Who: Action Figures: River Song Pandorica Chair

Remember just how many theories there were about what was in the Pandorica? My money was on either Davros, The Dalek Emperor or The Master. Little did we know what it's true purpose was. Now you can reenact the dramatic moment the doors of the Pandorica opened with this great replica of the Pandorica Chair. As if that wasn't enough, you also get a River Song figurine, complete with laser gun!

As an added bonus, the chair is compatable with the Pandorica figure sets from last year!

[Badge: The Doctor Here To Help (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)]

14. Doctor Who: Badge: The Doctor Here To Help (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)

So simple and yet so brilliant! This is perfect for anyone wanting an extra edge to their 11th Doctor costume, or for someone who works in a shop and just wants to mix things up a bit.

[Wallpaper: Exploding TARDIS]

13. Doctor Who: Wallpaper: Exploding TARDIS

Doctor Who. Wallpaper. Actual wallpaper. For your wall.

Do you claim to be the world's biggest Doctor Who fan? Want to prove it? Dedicate an entire wall to the Doctor!

[Time Lord Psychic Container]

12. Doctor Who: Time Lord Psychic Container

First appearing in 1969, the psychic container (or Hypercube, to use it's proper name) was first used by the Doctor to send a message to the Time Lords across Time and Space. One wasn't seen again on television for over 40 years until it appeared tapping on the door of the TARDIS and setting off a chain of events that would endanger our universe!

This cube would be cool just sitting on a shelf, but the fact that it changes colour makes it all the more fantastic!

[Set: Personalise Your Sonic Screwdriver]

11. Doctor Who: Set: Personalise Your Sonic Screwdriver

Oh sure, you can buy replica sonic screwdrivers, as used by the Doctor in his many incarnations, but wouldn't it be even better to make your own?

[Poster: Ironside Dalek Blueprint]

10. Doctor Who: Poster: Ironside Dalek Blueprint

In 1941, Professor Edwin Bracewell created the Ironsides - small tank like robots that could have won WWII single handedly. For some reason they disappeared shortly after being introduced, never to be seen again. Fortunately for us, blueprints still remain, and they look awesome!

[Character Building Mega Set: TARDIS Console Room]

9. Doctor Who: Character Building Mega Set: TARDIS Console Room

This set is amazing for two reasons: 1 - it's essentially a Lego TARDIS and 2 - It's, at the moment, the only way you can get your hands on a Rory figure!

[2012 (Hardcover)]

8. The Brilliant Book Of Doctor Who: 2012 (Hardcover)

You know how you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover? Well in this case you should! This book really is brilliant!

Featuring exclusive content from Neil Gaiman, interviews with the cast of Season 6, episode guides and much, much more!

[Character Building: 11 Doctors Pack]

7. Doctor Who: Character Building: 11 Doctors Pack

Remember last year's 11 Doctor set? Well this is the same, only much smaller! In identical TARDIS shaped packaging, these tiny Doctors even come with the same accesories!

[Encyclopaedia 2011 (Hardcover)]

6. Doctor Who: Encyclopaedia 2011 (Hardcover)

Signed by the author, Gary Russell, this book contains everything you need to know about the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors! Plus it has a really nice cover!

[Monopoly Limited Edition]

5. Doctor Who: Monopoly Limited Edition

Perfect for playing with the family after the Christmas Special! This limited edition set features an exclusive TARDIS piece and all kinds of Doctor Who people and places.

[T-Shirts: 5th Doctor Costume (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)]

4. Doctor Who: T-Shirts: 5th Doctor Costume (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)

While the Doctor isn't always the most fashionable man in the universe, he certainly does have a unique style, or should that be several unique styles. Now you can dress up as your favourite Doctor without the need for hunting down the perfect cricket jumper and beige coat!

[T-Shirts: 11th Doctor Costume (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)]

3. Doctor Who: T-Shirts: 11th Doctor Costume (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)

Bow Ties may be cool, but they're difficult to tie - even clip on ones can cause problems, so why not have one printed on to your t-shirt? With a cool tweed effect, this t-shirt is certainly more comfortable than having to wear an actual shirt and jacket... and it's far cheaper too!

[Travel Pass Holder: U.N.I.T.]

2. Doctor Who: Travel Pass Holder: U.N.I.T.

Every Doctor Who fan should carry this in their wallet. It's only a simple travel card holder, but it's probably the most badass travel card holder ever. If the Doctor had to get the Tube to work, he'd use this.

[Action Figure Collectors Set: The Chase (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)]

1. Doctor Who: Action Figure Collectors Set: The Chase (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)

How could we have a top Doctor Who list and not have Dalek toys on it? Let us make up for that glaring omission with Daleks and a Mechanoid straight from the classic 1st Doctor serial 'The Chase'!