Doctor Who Books: The Best Of 2011

The Texts of the Timless Timelord, the Top Ten Titles that belong to The Doctor. He's the character that spanned over 40 years to stge the ultimate regeneration... and we just can't get enough!

This has been the year in which the Doctor's fans have wanted to know everything - all the behind-the-scenes information, all the stories and the mythologies, all about the beasties and the bad guys.

And here, we've listed our favourite 'Who' titles from 2011.

[The Dalek Handbook (Hardcover)]

5. Doctor Who: The Dalek Handbook (Hardcover)

[Coming Of The Terraphiles]

4. Doctor Who: Coming Of The Terraphiles

[Doctor Who And The Daleks]

3. Doctor Who And The Daleks

[Rob & Toby's Marathon Watch of Doctor Who (Volume 1: The 60s)]

2. Running Through Corridors: Rob & Toby's Marathon Watch of Doctor Who (Volume 1: The 60s)

[Encyclopaedia 2011 (Hardcover)]

1. Doctor Who: Encyclopaedia 2011 (Hardcover)

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