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Classic TV On DVD

For the first time ever in the UK, the two classic series of 'Land Of The Giants' and 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea' are available in these brilliant DVD Box Sets!

[Land Of The Giants: The Complete Series 1]

Land Of The Giants: The Complete Series 1


It’s 1983 and sub-orbital spaceship the Spindrift is en route from Los Angeles to London. Mid-flight, the craft is drawn into a terrifying space storm, forcing it to crash on a strange planet, where everyone and everything is twelve times its size on Earth.

In 26 episodes of action and adventure, created by sci-fi visionary Irwin Allen, Captain Steve Burton and his crew and passengers are forced to fight for survival on a hostile planet where ‘little people’ are hunted down, whilst they attempt to repair their inoperable spaceship and return to Earth.

Featuring an early appearance by Ron Howard!

Special Features: Unaired Version Of The Pilot Episode, Gary Conway Interview, Don Marshall Interview, Presentation Reel, Special Effects Shots.

[Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea: The Complete Series 1]

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea: The Complete Series 1


Join Admiral Harriman Nelson, Captain Lee Crane and the crew of the Seaview, as they venture through a breath-taking undersea world in Irwin Allen’s action-packed TV classic, where science-fiction adventure meets espionage thriller!

Welcome aboard the Seaview, ‘the most extraordinary submarine in all the Seven Seas!’ From the outside, the ship appears to be a high-tech research vessel, but it’s actually the mightiest weapon in the Cold War arsenal of the US, sent on perilous, top-secret missions to battle the enemies of mankind.

Features appearances by Leslie Nielsen & Robert Duvall

Special Features: Never Before Seen Pilot (Eleven Days To Zero), Home Movie Footage From Irwin Allen, Still Galleries (Presentation Book, Production/Behind The Scenes, Merchandise), David Hedison Interview, Blooper Reel, Still Gallery