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The Best Books Of 2012

It's been an amazing year for speculative fiction - new authors, new outlooks, new insights and some fantastic reads from the names we know and love. We've listed our favourite reads of the year below. What do you think - have we got it right? If you've got something to say, then let us know!

[Ecko: Book 1: Ecko Rising]

15. Ecko: Book 1: Ecko Rising

Critically acclaimed, genre-bending debut following the adventures of a gleefully cynical, unlikely saviour lost in a world not his own.

Signed by Danie Ware.

Click here for an interview with Danie Ware.

[Low Town: Book 2: Tomorrow, The Killing (Hardcover)]

14. Low Town: Book 2: Tomorrow, The Killing (Hardcover)

Dark, violent, and shot through with corruption, Tomorrow, The Killing is a fantastic successor to one of the most heralded fantasy debuts of recent times.

Signed by Daniel Polansky.

[Blood & Feathers]

13. Blood & Feathers

''What's the first thing you think of when I say 'angel'?'' asked Mallory. Alice shrugged. ''I don't know... guns?''

Lou Morgan's unique take on fallen angels!


12. Existence

Brilliant and gripping, David Brin's novel of the near future is the work of a modern master of science fiction.

[The Dreamblood: Book 1: The Killing Moon]

11. The Dreamblood: Book 1: The Killing Moon

The start of an exquisite and gripping new fantasy duology from the critically acclaimed author of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.

[Dark Eden]

10. Dark Eden

Chris Beckett's take on the Garden of Eden - a strong contender for the SF novel of the year.

[Fractal Prince]

9. Fractal Prince

Sensational SF from a new global star in the genre.

The sequel to Hannu Rajaniemi's extraordinary debut is set to build on the extravagant promise of one of the most exciting new voices to come out of the genre this century.

[Anno Dracula: Book 3: Dracula Cha Cha Cha]

8. Anno Dracula: Book 3: Dracula Cha Cha Cha

Rome 1959. Along the Via Veneto, the living and the dead enjoy la dolce vita, as the vampires, intellectuals, conspirators, jet-setters and swindlers of Europe gather in an endless round of indulgence and gaiety, dancing giddily to the music of the Dracula Cha Cha Cha

Signed copies in stock.

See the complete Anno Dracula series.

[Blue Remembered Earth]

7. Blue Remembered Earth

This is the first volume in a monumental trilogy tracing the Akinya family across more than ten thousand years of future history...out beyond the solar system, into interstellar space and the dawn of galactic society.

[Great North Road (Hardcover)]

6. Great North Road (Hardcover)

In Newcastle-upon-Tyne, AD 2142, Detective Sidney Hurst attends a brutal murder scene. The victim is one of the wealthy North family clones – but none have been reported missing. And the crime’s most disturbing aspect is how the victim was killed.

Copies signed by Peter F Hamilton.

[Babylon Steel]

5. Babylon Steel

Babylon Steel runs The Red Lantern, the best brothel in the city. She’s got elves using sex magic upstairs and a large green troll cooking breakfast in the kitchen, and she’d love you to visit, except she’s not having a good week.

Signed by Gaie Sebold.

[In The Mouth Of The Whale]

4. In The Mouth Of The Whale

Fomalhaut was first colonised by the posthuman Quick, who established an archipelago of thistledown cities and edenic worldlets within the star's vast dust belt.

[Long Earth (Hardcover: SIGNED STAMPED Exclusive)]

3. Long Earth (Hardcover: SIGNED STAMPED Exclusive)

Limited edition hardcover with unique launch event stamp, and signed by Stephen Baxter.

Exclusive to Forbidden Planet!

[Empire State]

2. Empire State

It was the last great science hero fight, but the energy blast ripped a hole in reality, and birthed the Empire State - a young, twisted, parallel prohibition-era New York.


1. Osama

In an alternate world without global terrorism, a private detective, is hired by a mysterious woman to find a man: the obscure author of pulp fiction novels featuring one Osama Bin Laden: Vigilante.

Signed by Lavie Tidhar