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50 Years Of Doctor Who: November is Eleventh Doctor Month

Doctor Who Celebrate 50 Years

Geronimo! Crashing his TARDIS into the garden of the young Amelia Pond, the Eleventh Doctor certainly made a big entrance! Bounding straight into defending the earth without a post-regeneration rest, he not only fought off an alien invasion, but gained a new companion (or two), destroyed his old Sonic Screwdriver, gained a new TARDIS interior and invented fish fingers and custard!

This version of the Doctor managed to seem both young and old at the same time, with his childish excitement contrasting with his tweed jacket and bowtie! This Doctor also seemed to be frequently troubled by the perils of time travel, with the mysteries of River Song and the Pandorica; as well as the fates of his companions Amy and Rory; and not to mention the prophecy of his death all stemming from his adventures through the 4th dimension!