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WATCH Your Favourites at Forbidden Planet

Want to know what your favourite artist is drawing? Or when the next Doctor Who figure comes out? Then you need the Forbidden Planet WATCH function – keeping you informed of all the things you love.

One click is all you need. Then you can relax and let us do the work! We’ll keep track of your WATCHes, we’ll tell you on our site and we’ll send you a regular email. And all the information will be tailored just for you!

Best of all - no spam! You choose only what you’d like to WATCH. You can keep track of Artists, Writers, Characters or Series (e.g. Doctor Who, Star Wars or Spider-Man). You can even watch comic Story Arcs that we’ve added to forbiddenplanet.com.


Let’s WATCH The Watchmen!

If you take a look at The Watchmen Graphic Novel you will see ARTIST Dave Gibbons, AUTHOR Alan Moore, SERIES both Watchmen and Titan Books - by each of these names/titles you will see the ‘WATCH’ button.

These buttons gives you the option to WATCH that person, title, publisher or storyline. You can click on as many or as few of these buttons as you wish. When you do so, your choice will be added to your WATCH list.

You can repeat this process for as many – or as few – products as you like. We’ll keep track of what you’d like to WATCH.

Do I need an account with you?

Yes, to WATCH items on the forbiddenplanet.com website, you will need to have an account with us. If you haven’t yet got an account, clicking the first WATCH link will let us take you through the simple steps to set one up.

How can I see what I’m WATCHing?

In the top right-hand corner of the forbiddenplanet.com homepage is the link that will take you through to your account. If you click through, you will find that we have listed all of your new items in the bottom left-hand box.

If you click though to ‘view all your watches’, we have listed everything you’re watching by category, with the newest items at the top of each list. The number of new products is specified in green, and the link ‘view all watchables’ will show you all of the latest items from the category in question.

When will you email me?

We will email you once a month to let you know when new items have been added to the categories you’re watching.

How can I unWATCH?

We have put unWATCH buttons at the head of each category list in your account – you can click these at any time and unWATCH the category in question.