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How To Order From A Wish List

If this is your first visit to forbiddenplanet.com, we would like to welcome you and say what a truly wonderful human being you are for giving a gift that you can be sure they are going to love – because they chose it!

What is a Wish List?

This is a list of goodies from the Forbidden Planet website that someone you know would like as a gift. Just click on any of the items on their page to start buying.

If you have already shopped on our website, you will already have an account. If you don’t have an account, just create one when prompted as you complete your purchase – don’t worry, it is secure, quick and easy to set up.

What is the delivery address?

During the Checkout process, you will be able to select the option to mail the item[s] to your home or any other convenient delivery address.

You will also be able to send the goods direct to the person who created the Wish List if they have opted to make this information available – although we are not allowed to make this information public to you.

Why can’t I buy?

To avoid duplications, once someone makes a purchase from a Wish List, the ‘Buy’ button is removed so no one else can purchase that item.

Please note that you must click the ‘Buy’ button on the product from the Wish List - if you purchase it from another part of the website, it will not be removed from the person’s Wish List.

Once you have put items from a Wish List into your shopping cart, you are still able to search the site to make further purchases.

How Do I Sort?

Use the three pull down menus at the top of the list to see what items are still unsold. Here you can also organise items by their type [Books, Toys etc.] or by their price.

Want to set up your own Wish List?

Find the information you need here.