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[Paul Cornell Launches The Severed Streets]

Paul Cornell Launches The Severed Streets

22 May 2014

Paul Cornell Signing

Paul Cornell launched his new book, The Severed Streets, in our London megastore on the 21st May!

The sequel to the brilliant London Falling!

The second book of the urban fantasy James Quill police procedural series, The Severed Streets!

Detective Inspector James Quill and his wily squad of supernatural crime-busters are coming to terms with their new-found second sight. They have a handle on the ghosts and ghouls, but the rest of London's supernatural underworld is still unknown. When a seemingly invisible murderer kills a top cabinet minister in unusual circumstances, the team knows this is a case for them.

Attempts to learn more about this mysterious figure are hampered when their chief detective goes missing, and a core member of their team becomes more focused on bringing her father back to life than finding their missing detective. Soon the team seems to be falling apart as each member pursues their own interests. Throw in an ancient and vengeful spirit and a Rat King, and their mission soon becomes a trip to Hell - literally.

Paul Cornell did a reading.

Our very own Danie Ware interviewed Paul over Twitter. Here are the highlights!

Neil Gaiman joins the conversation!

Read the entire Storify here!