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[Our Top Picks For This Week's Comics & Graphic Novels! 10 December]

Our Top Picks For This Week's Comics & Graphic Novels! 10 December

8 December 2014

Top Comics & Graphic Novels Shipping For 10th December!

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Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1

We got you a present, comics fans - a gut-busting (sometimes literally) collection of short stories featuring Harley and her special brand of holiday cheer!

Can she get through Christmas dinner without blowing something up? Who will survive the war of the department-store Santas? Don't miss this one - after all, you can't spell 'holidays' without 'Harley!' (Give or take a couple letters.)

Bitch Planet #1

2014 Best Writer Eisner Award nominee KELLY SUE DeCONNICK (PRETTY DEADLY, Captain Marvel) and VALENTINE DE LANDRO (X-Factor) team up for the very third time to bring you the premiere issue of BITCH PLANET, their highly-anticipated women-in-prison sci-fi exploitation riff.

Think Margaret Atwood meets Inglourious Basterds.

East Of West World (One-Shot)

Part atlas, part encyclopedia, part timeline, and part apocrypha, EAST OF WEST: THE WORLD is the must-have one-shot companion to the spellbinding series. NOTE: EAST OF WEST: THE WORLD will contain pivotal plot and character info that will not be in the regular series...so don't miss out!

The Apocalypse is illuminated in EAST OF WEST: THE WORLD.

Amazing Spider-Man #11



The Spider-Army doesn't have time for this squabbling as the Inheritors tighten their noose.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

Spider-Verse too intense for you? Jump back to 616 for two super special Spider-Man stories!

Rising star Sean Ryan (UNCANNY X-MEN/IRON MAN/NOVA SPECIALS, Suicide Squad) and Brandon Peterson (UNCANNY X-MEN, AGE OF ULTRON) bring you a story that will have everyone talking!
Jai Nitz (Dream Thief) and Marvel new-comer Ron Salas bring you a back-up story featuring a fan-favorite supporting cast member!

Avengers & X-Men AXIS #7



Deadpool's Art Of War #3

You think you know war?DEADPOOL DOESN'T.

Err...by which I mean, Deadpool doesn't think you know war. Not that Deadpool doesn't know war.

Because he does know war, that's sort of the point. He's teaching you about war in this series. Sorry for the confusion.

Dredd Uprise #2 & Dredd Uprise #2 (Previews UK Exclusive B&W Variant)

The new Dredd movie
sequel comic book

Rundown Mega-City sector The Spit is on the verge of outright anarchy, the one man who could quell the riots has been assassinated, and the social justice group Uprise claim to have stolen explosives. Tensions are coming to the boil, and Dredd must find those that are deliberately stoking the flames of dissent!

Eternal #1

In a world of clones, the Human Liberation Army wants to free people from New Life's grasp. Their leader Gail will take the most drastic, personal measures yet to do so. Rathmann, a former homicide detective turned New Life enforcer, is on the case, and is asking tough questions. Violet, a young girl and one of the few non≠cloned humans (Pures, they're called) left, is longing to enter the real world. But she has no idea the danger she is stepping into.

Green Lantern Corps #37 (Godhead)

'Godhead,' act 3, part 2: John Stewart leads an army of Lanterns of every color in an assault on New Genesis!

Getting to the New Gods' home was nearly impossible - and battling them will be worse! The universe is counting on the multi-colored Corps, but its true hopes may depend on a select few without rings?

Guardians Of The Galaxy Annual #1

Most days in space aren't exactly what you'd call normal, but everything seemed to be status quo today.

That is until a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier showed up out of nowhere IN SPACE.

Sometimes you have to go outside your jurisdiction to take care of business, but this might be stretching it a bit.

Prometheus: Fire & Stone #4

Casualties rise as the Prometheus's recovery team find themselves trapped between an unrelenting alien horde, a ruthless Engineer, and a vengeful victim of the mysterious accelerant!

Sex Criminals #9

Suze and Jon meet Ana. Or rather, meet Ana AGAIN. Or should we say, meet...Ms. Jazmine St. Cocaine AGAIN. Did we just put those words in that order in PREVIEWS? Yes. Yes we did.


Southern Bastards #6

Dig further into the grim past of the biggest bastard of them all, and discover how Coach Boss came to be the most feared man in all Craw County.

Spider-Man & The X-Men #1

Meet the Jean Grey Academy's new guidance counselor: Spider-Man!

What's a non-mutant doing at a school for mutants? What secret suspicion has fueled the formation of his special student class?

And because you demanded it! Sauron and Stegron the Dinosaur Man! The villain team 65 million years in the making!

You didn't demand it? Well somebody did.

The Valiant #1

A battle ten millennia in the making is about to begin.

Thor #3

Lifting the enchanted hammer Mjolnir has transformed a mysterious woman into an all-new version of the mighty Thor.

But what happens when she's separated from that hammer?

Plus, Frost Giants! ROXXON! And oh yeah, whatever happened to the guy who used to carry that hammer?

Uncanny X-Men Annual #1

Part one of the epic two-part tale of the time-manipulating mutant Eva Bell's greatest secret.

Losing control of her powers, Eva disappeared during a training exercise in Tabula Rasa. Reappearing shortly thereafter, she seemed older and far more weathered, but refused to offer an explanation.

But where did her powers take her? Or maybe the better question is when? And what could she have endured to cause her to keep her story secret from her fellow X-Men?

Graphic Novels

Superman Unchained (N52) (Deluxe Edition Hardcover)

The entire nine-issue UNCHAINED series by the superstar team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Jim Lee is collected in this amazing hardcover!

When satellites start to fall from the sky, the big question is who stopped the last one from falling. Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Batman, Wonder Woman, eco-terrorists, the U.S. Army and, most of all, the mysterious being known as Wraith all figure in this epic story from two of comics' hottest talents!

Superman: For All Seasons (Deluxe Edition Hardcover)

The classic coming-of-age tale is back in a new Deluxe Edition hardcover as a simple country boy turns into the world's greatest hero.

Told through four seasons in the Man of Steel's life, this amazing tale from the team behind BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN brings Superman to life in a truly unique style.

Midas Flesh: Volume 1

We've all heard of the Midas touch. You know, the Greek myth about the man who did a number on himself by wishing for everything he touched to turn to gold? Well, you haven't heard everything. Joey and her space crew have decided to return to Earth - a planet completely sectioned off, abandoned, and covered in gold - to find out exactly what happened to this once thriving planet and see if they can use that knowledge against the evil empire that's tracking them down. As luck would have it, they just landed the most powerful weapon in the universe: some ancient dead guy's body.

Nightwing: Volume 5: Setting Son (N52)

Nightwing has moved to Chicago, but the ghosts of Gotham City won't let him be.

The Mad Hatter forces Nightwing into an uneasy alliance with the mysterious Marionette - and the sins of Dick's past will come back to haunt him unless he can make peace with his previous life.

Red Hood & The Outlaws: Volume 5: The Big Picture (N52)

Featuring a BATMAN: ZERO YEAR tie-in, this action-packed volume finds the Outlaws in their toughest bind yet. Ra's al Ghul is back, the Outlaws are being held captive, and Jason Todd has lost his memories.

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