The Best Collectables of 2011

What is a collectable? We're not entirely sure - we think it's something that's not a toy, but still makes yor parents tell you to 'grow up' when you buy it. Anyway, here's our favourite collectables from 2011.

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[Movie: Prop Replica: Power Battery]

20. Green Lantern: Movie: Prop Replica: Power Battery

Ok, so the movie might not have been everyone's cup of tea, but you have to admit this replica lantern is pretty cool! Plus it comes with a Green Lantern ring that lights up the lantern when it's pressed against it. Unfotunately, the ring does not create hard light constructs, translate alien languages, allow the wearer to fly, or generate a cool Green Lantern Uniform.

[Revelations: Figurine: Ezio]

19. Assassin's Creed: Revelations: Figurine: Ezio

His beard may be going grey, his voice may be getting a bit cracked and hoarse, and he may not be able to climb as fast as he used to, but Ezio Auditore Da Firenze is still the most badass assassin in the Renaissance! In this cool statue he is seen wielding a dagger, as well as showing off the latest addition to his arsenal - the hookblade!

[Premium Format Figure: Cyclops]

18. X-Men: Premium Format Figure: Cyclops

While he may not be everyone's favourite X-Man (that would be Beak, right?), Cyclops has always been an important member of the team, usually acting as the team's leader, and he has never looked cooler than when he was in his 90s costume - don't believe me? He has a leather jacket!

This statue has 90s Cyclops in a classic pose, about to fire an eye blast at some unseen assailant (probably one of those pesky Sentinels).

[Doomhammer Replica]

17. World Of Warcraft: Doomhammer Replica

It's called the Doomhammer. That's why it's on this list. Doomhammer.

[Print: Landscape: Here They Come Shoot Now!]

16. Turf: Print: Landscape: Here They Come Shoot Now!

There were a few Turf prints to choose from, and each one is utterly gorgeous, but this is our favourite, featuring a scene from the climactic battle between the vampires and the human/alien resistance. Beautifully drawn and coloured by Tommy Lee Edwards and signed by both Edwards and Jonathan Ross.

[Coaster: The House Of Tides]

15. Dragon Age 2: Coaster: The House Of Tides

I'm sure you'll agree that it's rare to utter the sentence "that's a nice coaster" but just take a look at this bad boy. Plus, you don't have to tell your non-fanboy friends that it's from a game, you can say you got it from John Lewis, and they'll think you have nice taste in design!

[Prop Replica: Arc Reactor With LED]

14. Iron Man 2: Prop Replica: Arc Reactor With LED

Sadly, any attempt to implant this into your chest will probably just result in internal hemorrhaging and a few broken ribs. It looks awesome on the stand though so you don't even need to try! With light-up features and a lovely finish, this replica looks like it belongs on Tony Stark's desk!

[Ceramic Stein: Stark: Winter Is Coming]

13. Game Of Thrones: Ceramic Stein: Stark: Winter Is Coming

Perfect for parties up in Winterfell, or for feasts in King's Landing, or for just warming your hands while standing guard on The Wall. Featuring the House of Stark's banner and the phrase "Winter Is Coming". Of all the things on this list, this is probably the most practical, as you can actually use it for something other than looking awesome on a shelf.

[Artifact Box: Harry Potter]

12. Harry Potter: Artifact Box: Harry Potter

Literally every single prop from the Harry Potter films is in one of these boxes (that's a total exaggeration) including letters, tickets, photos. All kinds of things. You could probably use them to trick some poor child into thinking he's ben accepted into Hogwarts (if anything, you probably should.)

[Bust Set]

11. Alien: Bust Set

With the release of Prometheus just round the corner, there's never been a better time to familiarise yourself with the various versions of the Aliens. Plus this set will look really cool spread along a mantlepiece like a set of really creepy, phallic shaped, trophies.

[Lightsaber Chopsticks: Obi Wan Kenobi]

10. Star Wars: Lightsaber Chopsticks: Obi Wan Kenobi

Next time someone serves noodles, put these out and count how long before people start fighting with them. If someone says 'stop playing with your food!' remind them that these are eating utensils, not food, and then force lightning them.

[Wallet And Belt Gift Set]

9. Superman: Wallet And Belt Gift Set

Slightly different from most things in this list in the sense that it's not a prop replica or a statue, this set is still pretty awesome. In those situations where a costume t-shirt is not suitable attire (a very rare occasion indeed) sometimes one needs to keep flying the fanboy flag in other ways.

[Poster: Keep Calm And Use The Force]

8. Star Wars: Poster: Keep Calm And Use The Force

Rumour has it that in the new release of Phantom Menace, these posters are hung up around the Jedi Temple. Thus making it slightly less terrible.

[Hogwarts House Pin Set]

7. Harry Potter: Hogwarts House Pin Set

Because wearing house robes everyday is a bit impractical.

[Madness Returns: Prop Replica: Mini Vorpal Blade Opener]

6. American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns: Prop Replica: Mini Vorpal Blade Opener

Granted it might not be able to chop off a Jabberwockey's head, but it is still an utterly gorgeous item, with beautiful engraving on the handle and blade. Enough to make you galumph.

[Bust: Force Unleashed Darth Vader]

5. Star Wars: Bust: Force Unleashed Darth Vader

Somehow Darth Vader looks even cooler without his helmet. What?!?!

While the game may not have lived up to every expectation, it still had some very cool character design, and while we may have seen the Dark Lord without his helmet before, that was when he was dying (not cool)

[Normandy SSV  Ship Replica SR2]

4. Mass Effect: Normandy SSV Ship Replica SR2

There have been few spaceships in recent years to rival the iconicness (that might not be a real word) of the Millenium Falcon, or the Starship Enterprise, that was until we were made aware of the Normandy, Commander Shepard's totally badass Systems Alliance starship.

[Colonial Marine M41A Pulse Rifle Replica]

3. Aliens: Colonial Marine M41A Pulse Rifle Replica

I had the pleasure of taking one of these out of the display cabinet - I genuinely got chills. I've held actual, proper guns before and I still didn't feel as badass as when I held this. This is the gun that has been imitated in just about every single sci-fi FPS ever.

Remember kids, guns aren't cool. But replica pulse rifles are.

[Masterpiece Collection Maxi Bust: 11th Doctor]

2. Doctor Who: Masterpiece Collection Maxi Bust: 11th Doctor

Yes, it was delayed for what seems like an eternity, but it was well worth the wait - the 11th Doctor bust, showing the Time Lord in a classic pose as he checks the reading on his sonic screwdriver is absloutely stunning.

[Ice Cube Tray: Han Solo]

1. Star Wars: Ice Cube Tray: Han Solo

Sometimes, a product comes along that just makes sense. The only question someone could ask about the Han Solo Ice Cube Tray is 'how on earth did it take 30 years for someone to make one of these?'.