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We are happy to announce that Malka Older will be joining us to sign copies of her novel The Mimicking Of Known Successes at Forbidden Planet Megastore London on Wednesday 22nd March 2023 from 5:00pm - 6:00pm

The Mimicking of Known Successes presents a cosy Holmesian murder mystery and sapphic romance, set on Jupiter, by Malka Older, author of the critically-acclaimed Centenal Cycle.

On a remote, gas-wreathed outpost of a human colony on Jupiter, a man goes missing. The enigmatic Investigator Mossa follows his trail to Valdegeld, home to the colony’s erudite university–and Mossa’s former girlfriend, a scholar of Earth’s pre-collapse ecosystems. Pleiti has dedicated her research and her career to aiding the larger effort towards a possible return to Earth.

When Mossa unexpectedly arrives and requests Pleiti’s assistance in her latest investigation, the two of them embark on a twisting path in which the future of life on Earth is at stake–and, perhaps, their futures, together. The Centenal Cycle by Malka Older. Infomocracy. Null States. State Tectonics.

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