Mike McMahon Signing Judge Dredd By Mike McMahon: Apex Edition

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We are happy to announce that Mike McMahon will be signing copies of Judge Dredd By Mike McMahon: Apex Edition at Forbidden Planet London on 10th December 2022 from 13:00 - 14:00

Presenting Mick McMahon’s Judge Dredd art in a format that matches the size he originally drew the pages.

Using scans taken from the original art, complete stories such as “Frankenstein II”, “The Wreath Murders”, and “Dream Palace” are published alongside pages from “The Cursed Earth”, “The Day the Law Died”, “The Judge Child”, and “The Fink”, his colour 1980s Annual work is also presented in this book too, with the complete “Pinboing Wizard”, and selected pages from other colour classics.

All signing events may be subject to short notice change or cancellation. Please keep checking our Events Page for up to date information.

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