Adam Christopher signing I Only Killed Him Once

at our Birmingham Megastore

Join ADAM CHRISTOPHER signing I ONLY KILLED HIM ONCE on Saturday 14th July from 1 - 2pm!

Another Hollywood night, another job for electric-detective turned-robotic-hitman Raymond Electromatic.

The target is a tall man in a black hat, and while Ray completes his mission successfully, he makes a startling discovery one he soon forgets when his 24-hour memory tape loops to the end and is replaced with a fresh reel…

When a tall man in a black hat arrives in the offices of the Electromatic Detective Agency the next day, Ray has a suspicion he has met this stranger before. But their visitor isn’t here to hire Ray for a job he’s here to deliver a stark warning. Time is running out and if Ray and Ada want to survive, they need to do exactly what the man in the black hat says.

A man that Raymond Electromatic has already killed.

A novelist, comic writer, and award-winning editor, Adam is the author of The Burning Dark and the LA Trilogy, as well as the co-writer of The Shield for Dark Circle Comics.

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