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Bisley and Kennedy Signing 2000AD Digest: Batman/Judge Dredd

  • [Bisley and Kennedy Signing 2000AD Digest: Batman/Judge Dredd]
SIMON BISLEY and CAM KENNEDY will be signing 2000AD Digest: Batman/Judge Dredd at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 21st April from 4 – 5pm

Two very different brands of uncompromising justice are destined to clash!

Judge Death has crossed dimensions to Gotham City and Judge Dredd is in pursuit! However, this is the home turf of a certain caped vigilante, the Batman.

Simon Bisley is hugely popular for his work on Lobo, Batman/Judge Dredd and Hellblazer, as well as ABC Warriors and Slaine. He’s worked for DC, Marvel, 2000AD, and multiple smaller comics publishers, as well as illustrating album covers, computer games, RPG games and movie posters. His work also influenced the Beast in the Doctor Who episode The Satan Pit, and Simon Pegg’s graphic artist character Tim Bisley in the television series Spaced.

Cam Kennedy worked from the beginning at 2000AD, shaping the style of series such as Judge Dredd, The V.C.s, and Rogue Trooper. His work includes The Spectre, Batman and Lobo for DC, The Punisher and The Light And Darkness War at Marvel and a number of Star Wars series for Dark Horse.

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