Meet The Sea Of Thieves Design Team

at our London Megastore

Splice the mainbrace and join us at our London Megastore on Saturday 24th March at 1:00pm to meet the design team behind the hotly anticipated Sea Of Thieves game.

Meet the team from Rare and learn more about the creation and development ofSea Of Thieves. Design Director Mike Chapman and Senior Designers Shelley Preston and Andrew Preston will be on hand to talk to fans and to sign copies of the new book, Tales From The Sea Of Thieves.

Tales From The Sea Of Thieves is narrated by three unique pirate captains the book will take a look at the world through their eyes. From laughable pirate suspicions to the towns and islands these hardened seafarers call home, they’ll introduce and explore the fantastical Sea of Thieves, home to krakens, mermaids and buried treasure.

Including sea shanties, illustrations and sketches by the pirates and their crew, and much more, the book will immerse you in the world of Sea of Thieves. As an artifact fished straight from within the game universe, it features all the wear and tear expected from a grog-swilling pirate’s life.

Also available at the event will be the first issue of Sea Of Thieves from Titan Comics!

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