Stefan Mohamed signing Falling Leaves

at our Bristol Megastore

Join Stefan Mohamed signing FALLING LEAVES at the Forbidden Planet Bristol Megastore on Saturday 17th March from 1 – 2pm

She thought she had lost him forever, but now he’s back

Twenty-three-year-old Vanessa is adrift in London. A year out of university and marooned in a quietly de-ating relationship, she can’t work out where her passion and creativity went – and on top of that, she is experiencing frightening visions, and an overwhelming sadness that doesn’t seem to belong to her.

Then something impossible happens: her best friend Mark, who vanished without a trace seven years ago, reappears, not a day older. As far as he is concerned, no time has passed.

Shocked and confused but determined to help her friend make sense of what’s happening, Vanessa returns to Llangoroth, the rural town she left behind after he vanished. Torn between her responsibilities as an adult and the adventurous passion that Mark inspires in her, she must ght for him, and for herself, confronting painful memories and a terrifying pursuer who would rather see her friend dead than back in the world.

Stefan Mohamed is an author, poet, occasional journalist and full-time geek. He graduated from Kingston University in 2010 with a first class degree in creative writing and film studies, and later that year won the inaugural Sony Reader Award, a category of the Dylan Thomas Prize, for his first novel Bitter Sixteen.

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