Antony Cummins signing Ninja Skills

at our London Megastore

Brush up your NINJA SKILLS with Antony Cummins signing at our London store on Saturday 17th March from 1 – 2pm!

Learn how to think, act, and train like a Ninja!

The shadowy figure of the ninja – expert commando, secret agent, maverick who operates outside social norms – is of enduring fascination in the West. Much of what we think of as ninja fact today, however, was actually invented in the 1960s. In Ninja Skills , Antony Cummins, the internationally recognised authority in Japanese medieval military arts, provides the world’s only illustrated guide to the real ninja teachings of the Japanese historical scrolls, in a highly accessible fresh, modern ‘how-to’ guide.

The truth about the ninja is so much more complex and intriguing than the Hollywood clichés. Drawing on the scrolls created by historical Japanese ninjas (or shinobi), this book offers the real ninja teachings in 150 easy-to-follow, illustrated lessons designed to draw you into the world of these skilled spy-commandos.

Antony Cummins is the founder of the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team, which has previously published The Book of Ninja (Watkins), and he is also the author of The Book of Samurai (Watkins). Antony also works as a consultant and co-presenter on high-end documentaries on Japan that are distributed by National Geographic. He has been recognised by peers as a leading authority in the discovery of military arts of medieval Japan.

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