Meet Paul Oakenfold!

at our London Megastore

Paul Oakenfold will be signing The Wonderful World Of Perfecto at our London Megastore at 6:00pm on Wednesday 6th December.

Paul Oakenfold is the greatest DJ of all time, one of the progenitors of house music, platinum selling artist and composer of numerous soundtracks.

Now comes the not quite true story about of his life told in Graphic Novel form. Starting at the genesis of his career in Ibiza, this book charts the windy road taken to fame, fortune and musical nirvana.

Features artwork from Tyler Boss (4 Kids Walk Into a Bank), Chris Hunt (Carver), Ian McGinty (Welcome to Showside) and Koren Shadmi (The Abaddon) - plus a downloadable soundtrack by Paul Oakenfold!

Exclusive Forbidden Planet Mini-Print Edition features art card by Tyler Boss.

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