Lightseekers at Forbidden Planet Newcastle

at our Newcastle Megastore

Find out all about the brand new LIGHTSEEKERS card game at the Forbidden Planet Newcastle Megastore on Thursday 9th November from 12 – 6pm!

The Lightseekers TCG is a brand new fast paced card game where you take on the role of a powerful hero to unleash an arsenal of spells, creatures, items and locations to knock your opponent’s health down to zero!

The Lightseekers TCG features a range of exciting attack, buff and defend cards that help you quickly strike out at your opponent or you can sacrifice them to pay for powerful combo cards that can change the tide of a battle in a single move!

In November, the Lightseekers team will be visiting Forbidden Planet stores across the UK to highlight how to play the game and to show you just how powerful some of the moves can be! Come on down and have a free demo to learn all about the game!

Featured Products

  • Sale Currently Unavailable Lightseekers: Intro Pack
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  • Currently Unavailable Lightseekers: Booster Pack
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  • Sale Currently Unavailable Lightseekers: Super Booster Set
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