Illustrator Matthew Forsythe Signs The Bad Mood and the Stick

at our London Megastore

Meet illustrator Matthew Forsythe signing The Bad Mood and the Stick at our London Megastore at 1:00pm on Sunday 1st October.

The Bad Mood and the Stick, written by Lemony Snicket, is a simply told story offering a refreshing, thoughtful and hilarious look at the ways in which a bad mood wreaks havoc as it moves from person to person, leaving an unexpected trail of surprise in its wake: opportunities for laughter, forgiveness and even love.

Meet the most endearing and unpredictable bad mood yet - an emoji-like cloud character - who allows young readers to look their bad mood in the eye.

Matthew Forsythe is the illustrator of the New York Times Notable Children’s Book My Name is Elizabeth and was the lead designer on the television series Adventure Time. He was born in Toronto and now splits his time between Montreal and Southern Ontario, where he designs and illustrates.

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