MTG: Hour Of Devastation - Pre-Release Sunday
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The Return of the God-Pharoah is at hand at Forbidden Planet. Join us for the Pre-release weekend of the next Magic the Gathering set, Hour of Devastation!

“It’s Time to Unleash Your Endgame” with Hour of Devastation. In the desert oasis of Amonkhet, hail the return of the God-Pharoah and all that he brings - so sign up now while you still can!

Pre-releases provide you with the earliest possible opportunity to play with the newest cards in Magic.

Players will receive a pre-release kit containing 6 boosters with which to make a 40-card deck. Land is provided so players do not need to bring anything other than themselves. Players will also receive a Promo Participation card whilst stock lasts.

After you build your deck, you’ll be randomly paired with another player for a best two-of-three match. Each round you’ll report who won and be paired up with a new player. If you do well, you might win additional booster packs as prizes!

Locations and Times