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Turncoat Vs. Turncoat!

  • [Turncoat Vs. Turncoat!]
  • [Turncoat Vs. Turncoat!]
  • [Turncoat Vs. Turncoat!]
It’s Battle of the Turncoats at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 1st July from 1 - 2pm – when Ryan O’Sullivan and Alex Paknadel go head-to-head for the ultimate TURNCOAT battle!

Ryan O’Sullivan’s TURNCOAT is based around the life of a professional assassin who hunts super-heroes for a living - but who’s foiled everyday by his ex-wife, a fellow assassin in the cape-killing business.

Alex Pakdanel’s TURNCOAT is an exploration of the socio-political ramifications of occupation in a post-war civilisation. It’s been three hundred years since humanity was brutally subjugated by the alien race known as Management, and two years since these invaders abandoned Earth to return to their home world.

Following her participation in the brutal massacre that caused Management’s withdrawal, resistance fighter Marta Gonzalez is riddled with guilt. Rather than join the new human government, she starts her own private detective agency. When a missing persons case lands on her desk, Gonzalez is forced to confront her own bloody past as she delves into the seedy underworld that’s bloomed after the alien departure.


Event Locations & Times

London Megastore
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