Mike Tucker, Jonathan Morris and Cavan Scott signing at Forbidden Planet Bristol

at our Bristol Megastore

Join Mike Tucker, Jonathan Morris and Cavan Scott signing their latest DOCTOR WHO novels at Forbidden Planet Bristol on Saturday 22nd April from 1 - 2pm!

In Mike Tucker’s Diamond Dogs, it rains diamonds on Saturn. For over fifteen years, the crew of the Kollo-Zarnista Mining Facility 27 has been extracting diamonds from deep within the planet’s atmosphere. But when a mining operation goes wrong, a rescue mission must be launched.

In Jonathan Morris’s Plague City, the year is 1645 and Edinburgh is in the grip of the worst plague in its history. Nobody knows who will be the next to succumb – nobody except the Night Doctor, a masked figure that stalks the streets, seeking out those who will not live another day.

In Cavan Scott’s The Shining Man, being scared is the least of your worries. The Shining Men are everywhere. You spot them out of the corner of your eye - abnormally tall, with long lank hair, blank faces and blazing eyes. If they catch you, they’ll drag you away to who knows where. They’re on every street corner. No-one is safe.

All three novels feature the Twelfth Doctor, as played by Peter Capaldi, and Bill, as played by Pearl Mackie.