Final Fantasy Opus 2 Preview Draft
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Come down and try out the new Final Fantasy Set before anyone else.

Dive in with 148 brand new cards featuring FFVIII, XII, XIV and more!

The draft consists of a pod of 4 players, each player receiving 4 boosters. Players take a card and pass the pack clockwise and repeat until the pack is empty. This is done for each pack, alternating between clockwise and anti clockwise for each round of packs.

Players then build a deck of 40 cards. Backups produce any colour CP when dulled, but the discarding cards still only generates CP of the cards colour. Damage totals are 6 as opposed to 7.

Each player plays one game in, and if they win they get an additional booster.

Tickets are £12 and can be bought in advance or on the day.

Please contact the store for more details.

Locations and Times