Adrian Tchaikovsky signing The Bear and The Serpent

at our London Megastore

Join ADRIAN TCHAIKOVSKY signing THE BEAR AND THE SERPENT, the sequel to THE TIGER AND THE WOLF, at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Thursday 9th February from 6 to 7pm

As the south is in turmoil, an old terror emerges in the north

Maniya, child of both Wolf and Tiger clans, has been named Champion of her people. To buy time, she joins Prince Tecuman’s warband of outcasts and heads south, to help him gain his crown. She wants to discover her true place in the world, but instead heads into the jaws of a bitter new conflict.

Civil war threatens as Tecuman and his twin sister battle for the throne, yet whoever triumphs will carry a heavy burden, as a great doom has been foreseen that will fall across the whole world. And soon Maniya finds herself in the heart of a political storm.

Danger is also shadowing her old home, where Lord Thunder and his bear clan are attempting to incite the northern tribes. But only extreme peril will end age-old rivalries. As adversary from the most ancient of times is preparing to strike, putting their lands and very souls in danger. And neither north nor south will be spared the terror to come.

Adrian Tchaikovsky is the author of the critically acclaimed Shadows of the Apt series, and Children of Time. He works in law and is also a keen role-player and amateur actor.