Jonathan L Howard signing The Fall of the House of Cabal

at our Bristol Megastore

JONATHAN L HOWARD will be signing THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF CABAL at the Forbidden Planet Bristol Megastore on Thursday 29th September 6 – 7pm.

Johannes Cabal, a necromancer of some little infamy, has come into possession of a vital clue that may lead him to his ultimate goal: a cure for death. The path is vague, however, and certainly treacherous as it takes him into strange territories that, quite literally, no one has ever seen before. The task is too dangerous to venture upon alone, so he must seek assistance, comrades for the coming travails.

So assisted ably and otherwise by his vampiric brother, Horst, and by the kindly accompaniment of a criminologist and a devil, he will encounter ruins and diableries, mystery and murder, the depths of the lowest pit and a city of horrors. London, to be exact.

Yet even though Cabal has risked such peril believing he understands the dangers he faces, he is still underestimating them. He is walking into a trap of such arcane complexity that even the one who drew him there has no idea of its true terrors. As the snare closes slowly and subtly around them, it may be that there will be no survivors at all.

Jonathan L. Howard is the author of the JOHANNES CABAL, RUSSALKA CHRONICLES, and GOON SQUAD series. A veteran of the games industry with titles such as BROKEN SWORD to his credit, his novel CARTER & LOVECRAFT has been optioned by Warner Bros. Television.