Stephen Baxter signing Obelisk

at our London Megastore

Stephen Baxter will be signing OBELISK at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Monday 19th September from 6 – 7pm.

A remarkable collection of short stories and novellas from one of our greatest SF authors.

This collection contains stories set in the worlds of the bestselling duology ULTIMA and PROXIMA, which expand on the characters and worlds of that series, including two brand new short stories. There are also a selection of alternate histories and possible futures, building on Baxter's work with Terry Pratchett on the LONG EARTH series. It confirms Stephen Baxter's place as one of the greatest practitioners of the SF short story.

Stephen Baxter is the pre-eminent science fiction writer of his generation. Published around the world he has also won major awards in the UK, US, Germany and Japan. He has degrees from Cambridge and Southampton.