Jeff Noon & Steve Beard Signing Mappalujo

at our London Megastore

Jeff Noon & Steve Beard will be signing copies of Mappalujo at our London Megastore on Saturday 21st May at 1:00pm.

Mappalujo is a shared dream set in the twilight realm of Lujo, a city dominated by the surreal cartoons and artificially bred toy creatures of the Zeno Entertainment Company. Since the company’s founder died in mysterious circumstances, Zeno's visions have become darker and even more sinister. An identity-altering drug is leaking onto the streets. For a few brilliant, flickering moments users are transformed into famous or infamous celebrities, only to find that the other side of fame lies in the gutter, or in death.

Here is one city’s epic tale told in seventy-five chapters, each influenced by a different iconic figure. From Lewis Carroll to Patti Smith, from Sigmund Freud to Raymond Chandler and Sophie Calle – the ghosts haunting the streets of Lujo are all conjured from the collective unconscious of the modern media age.

Jeff Noon is known for his groundbreaking novel Vurt, published in 1993, as well as the sequel, Pollen, and it's prequel, Nymphomation.

Steve Beard's books include Digital Leatherette and Perfumed Head.