Join Cavan Scott signing Sherlock Holmes The Patchwork Devil

at our Bristol Megastore

CAVAN SCOTT will be signing SHERLOCK HOLMES THE PATCHWORK DEVIL at the Forbidden Planet Bristol Megastore on Saturday 30th April from 1- 2pm.

London, 1919. While the world celebrates the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, Holmes and Watson are called to a singular mystery. A severed hand has been found on the banks of the Thames, a hand belonging to a soldier who supposedly died in the trenches. But the hand is fresh, and show signs that it was recently amputated. So how has it ended up back in London two years after its owner was killed?

Cavan Scott is the author of sixty books and audio dramas including the Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller Who-ology. He has written for Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Angry Birds, WarHammer 40,000, Pathfinder, Adventure Time, Blake’s 7, Judge Dredd, Highlander and Power Rangers, as well as his own novels and short stories.

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