African Monsters at Forbidden Planet!

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at our London Megastore


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Forbidden Planet are delighted to be hosting the launch of Fox Spirit Books’ AFRICAN MONSTERS! Join ADELE WEARING, MARGRET HELGADOTTIR, CHIKODILI EMELUMADU, TADE THOMPSON, NICK WOOD, JAMES BENNETT, JO THOMAS and SARAH LOTZ at our London Megastore on Thursday 3rd March from 6 - 7pm.

Here Be Monsters!

They lurk and crawl and fly in the shadows of our mind. We know them from ancient legends and tales whispered by the campfire. They hide under the dark bridge, in the deep woods or out on the great plains, in the drizzling rain forest or out on the foggy moor, beneath the surface, under your bed. They don’t sparkle or have any interest in us except to tear us apart.

They are the monsters!

Forgotten, unknown, misunderstood, overused, watered down. We adore them still. We want to give them a renaissance, to reestablish their dark reputation, to give them a comeback, let the world know of their real terror. “African Monsters is a fantastic anthology featuring many African writers at the forefront of the new wave of Speculative Fiction tapping directly into the deep and rich mythology of African cultures.” — Ivor W. Hartmann, editor for African Roar and AfroSF volume 1 & 2.