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Meet YouTube Sensation Stuart Ashen!

  • [Meet YouTube Sensation Stuart Ashen!]

STUART ASHEN will be signing TERRIBLE OLD GAMES YOU’VE PROBABLY NEVER HEARD OF, at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 5th December from 1 – 2pm

TERRIBLE OLD GAMES YOU’VE PROBABLY NEVER HEARD OF is a full colour, illustrated compendium of the most painfully bad video games ever to have been developed, based on Stuart’s hugely popular YouTube series of the same name.

Meticulously researched and featuring contributions from various experts in the field, TERRIBLE OLD GAMES is written with the kind of dry humour you’d expect from a man who has somehow managed to make a living from sticking rubbish on a sofa and talking about it. Each entry is accompanied by a series of full colour images from the game.

Stuart Ashen (alias Ashens) is a comedy writer, actor and cult YouTube sensation. He has produced over 500 YouTube videos, including his hugely popular series TERRIBLE OLD GAMES YOU’VE PROBABLY NEVER HEARD OF, where he reviews the best of the worst tat that the world has to offer; including the most horrendous video games ever made and a host of other useless items that prove not-quite-fit for purpose.

He wrote the series Ashen’s Tech Dump for BBC Online Comedy and co-starred in Back Space with Karen Hayley. He’s also starred in a one-off remake of cult classic TV show Knightmare.

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