451 Comics Launch Event

at our London Megastore

Join us for a signing to celebrate the launch of 451 Media Group, a new imprint launched by Michael Bay. Meet Lee Carter, Andi Ewington, Ben Oliver and Matt Timson on Wednesday 4th November at 6:00pm as they sign the first issues of their comics - plus an exclusive Forbidden Planet variant edition pack!

This Limited Edition Forbidden Planet Variant exclusive pack contains Sunflower #1 (Forbidden Planet Variant), Self Storage #1 (Forbidden Planet Variant) and Exmortis #1 (Forbidden Planet Full Colour Variant) - plus an exclusive Forbidden Planet 451 bookplate signed by Ben Oliver, Andi Ewington, Matt Timson and Lee Carter!

Lee Carter has worked on the Dead Eyes and Necrophim series for 2000AD. He has also worked freelance for various fantasy gaming and roleplay publishers, such as Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games and Green Ronin.

Andi Ewington has worked as an acclaimed writer and designer as well as noted art director. He was chosen to co-write a prelaunch comic for one of the hottest games for 2014, Namco Bandai's “Dark Souls II” as well as adapting and originating comic books (Six, Exmortis and Sunflower) for Michael Bay’s new comic book company, 451 Media group.

Matt Timson is known for his sequential work for Future Quake, Impaler, The Darkness, and Dead Squad.

Ben Oliver has worked for 2000AD and many Marvel and DC titles, including Ultimate X-Men, Alpha Flight and Justice League.