Thunderbirds Board Game Demonstration

at our London Megastore

Ever wanted to join International Rescue? Find out how with our demonstration of the great Thunderbirds: Co-operative Board Game at our London Megastore on Saturday 17th October, starting at noon.

In this board game from Modiphius, you and your friends take on the role of International Rescue – a secret organization formed to render aid when all other means have failed. Meanwhile, your arch nemesis, The Hood, is threatening to trigger terrible disasters around the world in an effort to learn your secrets. If you can foil his scheme while completing your missions, then you and your fellow players win the game!

PLUS - The artist behind the awesome illustrations for the game, Graham Bleathman, will be on hand to sign your copy! Graham will also be signing copies of his work on the Thunderbirds Haynes Manual.

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