Jay Gunn Launches Surface Tension #1

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at our London Megastore

Jay Gunn will be signing Surface Tension #1 at our London Megastore at 6:00pm on Wednesday 27th May.

Months after mysterious corals drew 99% of humanity into the sea, a band of survivors ekes out a hollow existence on a remote British island.

When two people are cast up on the beach, completely blue, but very much alive, the island is thrown into turmoil. What caused the mass extinction event? How did these two return from the deep, when billions died? Most importantly, what is the coral, and what does it want with the Earth? The oceans have never seemed so threatening!

Jay Gunn is a video game designer and developer with over twenty five years experience. He has worked in key positions on a string of well-known Sony titles such as the MediEvil series and has won many awards, the most prestigious amongst them being the BAFTA award for Best Console Game. Surface Tension is his debut comic.