Robert Llewellyn signing News From The Clouds

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at our London Megastore


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ROBERT LLEWELLYN will be signing NEWS FROM THE CLOUDS at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 16th May from 1- 2pm

Explore a world where the worst has already happened

Nerdy time-traveller Gavin Meckler has already been catapulted two hundred years into a technologically sophisticated future agrarian utopia (News from Gardenia) and then slipped sideways into an alternative future: a world run entirely by women (News from the Squares). Now, Gavin comes face to face with a far more challenging environment than he has ever experienced before – a world that is ravaged by storms, seared by winds and scorched by an unforgiving sun. This is a world where the human race has two options: to live and work in enormous protected culverts that are reinforced to withstand the ravages of the weather, or float above the torment in delicate, lighter-than-air structures moving with the wind.

Robert Llewellyn is best known as the actor who plays Kryten in the cult TV series Red Dwarf.
He wrote his first novel at the age of twelve, and by the time he’d published first grown-up work of fiction, The Man on Platform 5, thirty years had passed. In the intervening period, he’d worked as an artist’s model, a bespoke shoemaker, a tree surgeon, a screenwriter, a comedian, actor and TV presenter. He has appeared regularly on British television since 1987 in various guised including under quite absurd amounts of rubber in Red Dwarf; covered in grease in Scrapheap Challenge; in terrifying machines in How Do They Do It? and sitting in a car chatting in Carpool. Robert Llewellyn writes under a rack of solar panels in Gloucestershire, and is part of a campaign to turn his village carbon neutral.