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Jonathan Maberry at Forbidden Planet!

  • [Jonathan Maberry at Forbidden Planet!]

JONATHAN MABERRY will be signing V-Wars Crimson Queen at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Monday 20th April from 6 – 7pm!

V-Wars is set in a world transformed by a global pandemic caused by a millennia-old virus that, once triggered, affects individuals differently depending on their DNA. The result is vampires as unique as their cultures, a response from unaffected humans like never before, and a story that is old-school, scary and complicated.

This collection begins a non-stop thrill ride of action, horror, and suspense!

JONATHAN MABERRY is a New York Times best-selling and multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning horror and thriller author, editor, comic book writer, magazine feature writer, playwright, content creator and writing teacher/lecturer. His books have been sold to more than two-dozen countries.

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