MTG Dragons of Tarkir Game Day
at multiple locations

Magic The Gathering: Dragons of Tarkir Game Day is the first opportunity to play Standard format with the Dragons of Tarkir Magic Set.

Game Day takes place three weeks after the set's release and gives players the chance to try out the newest decks seen at the Pro Tour or other premier events. There will be a Champion play mat available for First Place, special Alternate Art Thunderbreak Regent promos for the top eight and a Scaleguard Sentinels promo for all players while stocks last.

Times and venues vary based on store, please contact your nearest store for more details.

Birmingham: 12:00 – 17:00

Bristol: 16:30 – 23:30

We are running events at our Cambridge, Croydon, Newcastle and Southampton stores on Saturday 18th April. Click for details.

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Locations and Times