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Preliminary Pro Tour Vancouver - Southampton

  • [Preliminary Pro Tour Vancouver - Southampton]
  • [Preliminary Pro Tour Vancouver - Southampton]

Compete against the best Magic: The Gathering players in your region in Forbidden Planet Southampton's Standard Format PPTQ and go for glory!

Please arrive for a 9am pre-registation for a 10pm start.

A Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ) is the first step toward the highest level of competitive Magic: The Gathering. The winner of our PPTQ earns an invitation to a Regional PTQ, where players will make their final bid for a spot on the Pro Tour.

Standard - Standard format descriptions and rulings can be found here!

PPTQs are open to anybody, except players who have already qualified for a Regional PTQ.

Please be aware that all PPTQ's use the "competitive rule set" details can be found here!

Come prepared, deck registration forms for constructed tournaments can be found here!

Tickets for this event are £20.00. To pre register and buy tickets just pop in store and our staff will be happy to help!

Event Locations & Times

Southampton Megastore
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