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Doctor Who: The History Collection Event

  • [Doctor Who: The History Collection Event ]
  • [Doctor Who: The History Collection Event ]
  • [Doctor Who: The History Collection Event ]
  • [Doctor Who: The History Collection Event ]

Come and join top Doctor Who authors David Bishop, Paul Cornell, James Goss and Justin Richards signing their titles from Doctor Who: The History Collection at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 7th February 1 – 2pm

In David Bishop’s Amorality Tale, Jon Pertwee plays the Third Doctor in 1950’s London, joined by his companion Sarah Jane Smith. When gangster Tommy Ramsey is released from prison, he is determined to retake control of his East End territory. But new arrivals threaten his grip on illegal activity in the area. An evangelical minister is persuading people to seek redemption for their sins. A new gang is claiming the streets. And a watch mender called Smith is leading a revolt against the Ramsey Mob's protection racket. When Tommy strikes back at his enemies, a far more terrifying threat is revealed.

Paul Cornell’s Human Nature is an adventure set in Britain on the eve of the First World War, featuring the Seventh Doctor as played by Sylvester McCoy. This book was the basis for the Tenth Doctor television story Human Nature / The Family of Blood starring David Tennant. Hulton College in Norfolk is a school dedicated to producing military officers. With the First World War about to start, the boys of the school will soon be on the front line. But no one expects a war – not even Dr John Smith, the college’s new housemaster…

In James Goss’s Dead of Winter, Matt Smith is the Eleventh Doctor in an Eighteenth Century Italian adventure. In a remote clinic in 18th century Italy, a lonely girl writes to her mother. She tells of pale English aristocrats and mysterious Russian nobles. She tells of intrigues and secrets, and strange faceless figures that rise up from the sea. And she tells about the enigmatic Mrs Pond, who arrives with her husband and her trusted physician.

In Justin Richards’ The Shadow In The Glass, Colin Baker plays the Sixth Doctor in an adventure set partly in Second World War. When a squadron of RAF Hurricanes shoots down an unidentified aircraft over Turelhampton, the village is immediately evacuated. But why is the village still guarded by troops in 2001? When a television documentary crew break through the cordon looking for a story, they find they've recorded more than they'd bargained for.

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