Den Patrick signing The Boy Who Wept Blood

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at our Southampton Megastore

DEN PATRICK will be launching THE BOY WHO WEPT BLOOD at the Forbidden Planet Southampton Megastore on Saturday 31st January from 1 – 2pm!

Set ten years since the disappearance of Lucien, THE BOY WHO WEPT BLOOD follows his protégé, the young swordsman Dino. Sworn to protect the silent queen Anea as she struggles to bring a new democracy to Demesne, Dino finds himself drawn into a deadly game of political intrigue as the aristocratic families of Landfall conspire to protect their privilege. Always ready to prove himself as a swordsman Dino is anguished to discover that in order to fulfil his vow he must become both spy and assassin.

THE BOY WHO WEPT BLOOD is a gripping new high fantasy built on hugely engaging protagonist, as he struggles to live up to Lucien's legacy and to come to terms with his sexuality.

Den Patrick was born in Dorset in 1975 and shares a birthday with Bram Stoker. He has at various times been an editor, burlesque reviewer and games workshop staffer. He lives and works in London. With his ability to write gripping scenes of both action and subterfuge, Den Patrick has already established himself as a new favourite for fans of Scott Lynch, Robin Hobb and Jon Courtenay Grimwood,