Allan Graves signing The Zombook

at our London Megastore

ALLAN GRAVES will be signing THE ZOMBOOK at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Thursday 18th December 6 – 7pm

The first luxury collection of amazing zombie art, produced by more than 200 artists worldwide!

Once more, the worlds of movies, computer games, design, lowbrow, and tattoo are experiencing a resurgence of interest in zombies, and this collection presents an incredible array of contemporary art of the undead. A riot of energy, imagination, and colour, this is the book that every zombie aficionado will want to own, as well as a fantastic source book of ideas and inspiration for animators and games creators. It includes paintings, graphics, cartoons, illustrations, movie models, movie stills, CGI animation, and 3-D.

Allan Graves always had a passion for horror. Having previously worked in both Europe and the USA, he now lives in the UK and owns a ‘Haunted’ a horror-themed tattoo shop in North London.

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