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Join Stark Holborn, signing NUNSLINGER at the Forbidden Planet Bristol Megastore on Saturday 6th December from 1 – 2pm!

Not since Two Mules for Sister Sarah has a nun had so many glorious misadventures in the American west…

1864, and Sister Thomas Josephine was on a wagon train heading for a new convent in California when a sudden attack left her stranded … shocked and terrified. Rescue came in the shape of Abe Muir (a man with dark eyes and a restless soul), a rough and ready rogue who was utterly bemused by the Sister and not a little in love with her.

Falsely accused of murder shortly after the attack and determined to clear her name, the mismatched pair seemed set on a track across the west that is littered with mishap. In a series of action packed episodes: brushes with the cavalry and Thomas Josephine’s handsome nemesis - Lt Theodore Carthy, gun fights, abductions, midnight escapes, hangings and so much more, our Sister survives through spunk, improvisation and an ability to make people bend to her not inconsiderable will.

However, will her desire to do good keep her safe, and her faith intact, in a world of inhospitable elements and people?

This brilliant read has action, drama, romance and fun by the bucket-load, and is written in the style of the much-loved penny dreadfuls of the past.

STARK HOLBORN is the pseudonym of a thrilling new voice in fiction. But he – or she – knows to keep enemies close … and secrets closer.

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