Ian Edginton signing Brass Sun

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Join Ian Edginton signing Brass Sun at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Thursday 4th December from 6 – 7pm.

‘Exquisite… a beautifully rendered and textured world that presents something unique and engaging’ - CBR

The Orrery is a fully functional, life-size clockwork solar system, a clutch of planets orbiting a vast Brass Sun via immense metal spars.

But the once-unified collection of worlds has regressed into eccentric fiefdoms, and ice is encroaching on the outer planets as the sun is dying. Wren and Eptimus must find the key to restart the sun, but first must escape the world known as The Keep...This is a wholly original new SF-clockpunk series from the bestselling artist of New Deadwardians and The Mountains of Madness, and the writer of Scarlet Traces and Stickleback.

Ian Edginton is best known for his steampunk/alternate history work, and is the co-xreator or Scarlet Traces,a sequel to H G Weels’ War of the Worlds. He’s also written for 2000AD, produced the comic book version of the computer game Hellgate: London, and writes comics based on the worlds of WarHammer 40k.

We are sorry to announce that, due to illness, Ian Culbard is no longer able to attend the signing.

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