Christopher Fowler signing Nyctophobia

at our London Megastore

Join CHRISTOPHER FOWLER signing NYCTOPHOBIA at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 11th October from 3 – 4pm!

Newly-married architect Callie and her wealthy husband Mateo move to Hyperion House, a grand old home in southern Spain.

It's an eccentric place built in front of a cliff: serene and beautiful, but eerily symmetrical, and cunningly styled so that half the house is flooded with light, and half locked up and neglected is shrouded in darkness. Unemployed and feeling isolated in a foreign country, Callie determines to research the history of the curious building. But the past is sometimes best left alone. Uncovering the folklore of the house's strange history, Callie is drawn into darkness and delusion. As a teenager Callie was afraid of the dark, and now with her adolescent nyctophobia returning she becomes convinced there's someone in the darkened rooms. Somewhere in the darkness lies the truth about Hyperion House...

Christopher Fowler is a Londoner born and bred and lives in Kings Cross, close to where his Bryant & May novels are set. He is the author or ten previous Bryant & May novels as well as two critically acclaimed autobiographies, Paperboy and Film Freak. For many years he jointly owned and ran one of the UK’s top film marketing companies.